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Now more than ever, our youth are facing more and bigger challenges in their daily lives. With school, friends, social media and more dominating a teen’s time, it’s easier for them to give God less time if any at all. People and children of all ages are encouraged to learn about their own faith and the role of the church in our community and worldwide. Dr. Rhonda delivers real Bible based inspiration to people to remind them that God welcomes all.

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The Church Of Now!

Get Dr. Rhonda’s incredible book, The Church Of Now! Dr. Rhonda has vast experience in many areas of ministry, but her passion is youth. She’s traveled the world and helped churches, pastors, and church leaders grow their youth ministries. Her book gives you a peak into growing the youth program of a church. 

$9.99 - Paperback
Hymns for Him 2

Dr. Rhonda has played her saxophone in all 50 states. Now you can hear her versions of 2 classic hymns, I Surrender All and As The Deer.

$3.00 - CD

Dr. Rhonda Gibbs.

Dr. Rhonda has been in ministry since 1982. She has traveled to all 50 states and throughout the world sharing her love of God with thousands. With a passion for ministering to youth, she has the experience and ability to bring relevance of today’s issues to biblical principles. Because of this, she has been called upon by many pastors, ministers, and congregations to share her gifts.

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Dr. Rhonda can help your church gain more young people or motivate your current youth membership to achieve great things!


Dr. Rhonda has created several video series designed to help teens see how the situations they may be going through are relatable to issues from the Bible. With her amazing personality, Dr. Rhonda provides positive guidance, scripture, and humor in a fun way for people to enjoy.

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