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Dr. Rhonda enjoys teaching others. She has been a college professor for 5 years. In order for youth to reach their fullest potential they need proper guidance. Youth workers are vitally important in the lives of youth.

One of the Dr. Rhonda’s greatest accomplishments is that she served on the National Youth Ministry Team of the Church of God (Anderson, IN). She was the first woman that had been appointed to this position. She served with a team of 4 other men of integrity who have poured into her life different strengths to help her to be a better youth minister. As a team we trained other youth leaders to develop their student ministries.

If you would like Dr. Rhonda to come and do a youth workers workshop please feel free to e-mail her at

Dr. Rhonda,

You have the anointing. This year at St. Louis Camp meeting, God showed up!!!!!!!!! You were such a blessing to my daughter, Julia. She is still listening to your evening sermons. You were a blessing to my grand-daughter also. You took the time to stop on your walk to speak to her. She ran home saying grammar guess what, Dr. Rhonda talked to me yes she did. Aaliyah is seven, what an impact of Godly love on someone so small. Now from me your last sermon, what is left to say? My husband and daughter attend a Pentecostal church, but still have strong COG God background. It was so refreshing to hear your point of view as God lead you. I also had the opportunity to meet Dr. G. Stafford, what a gifted man. I was captivated by the roots of camp meeting. I'm a fifth generation COG and never heard some of the history you shared. Thank you!!!!!! I also listen to your tapes often. Why do we- they not preach as you did at camp? The church we are in now does on a weekly basis. Thank you Jesus! This generation needs a prayer language, strong foundations, anointed leadership ect. to be there present and accountable to and for there unsaved friends. I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers and God would bring you to my heart.

Blessed as always Sue

Dr. Rhonda,

Hey!!! You may not recognize my address but you spoke at the SYC for the Church of God in TN. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks. Although it's been a while since then I still remember everything you said. Things have had their ups and downs but that's life but everyday the same thing runs through my mind, "God is good...ALL BY HIMSELF!!!". But I was just reminded by a friend who knows you and I wanted to contact you and Just see how you were. Your words still ring true and I just wanted to thank you.

Sincerely Yours and God Bless,

Hello Dr. Rhonda,

You asked us to send you the picture we took of our youth group outside of Tony's. (We thought you'd like the Banana Split one too!) We really had a great week. Thanks for taking on such a hectic schedule with the youth and the adults! I think the morning youth worship was very effective. We usually have different youth pastors speaking every day, but having one speaker that all the kids could get to know has made it the best camp meeting so far! Well, we look forward to seeing you again. You said something about scheduling something at a mid-Michigan Church soon. We will be watching for that. I know our Church would be interested in having you come speak here too, so we will be talking to our Pastor about that. It was great being able to talk to you personally. Lots of Love & Prayers, Heidi & Dan P.S. I also attached some pictures of the group we took to Michigan State Youth Convention this year!